I’m not really into “western” inspired fashion that much, so most of Michael Kors’ Pre-Fall 2012 collection was not for me, but I do love these three outfits.

The first dress has a simple silhouette, clean and classical. The diagonal pleating and the dart manipulation together with the uneven hemline takes it from being a nice classical dress to an interesting dress with an edge. (It actually reminds me a bit about Vivienne Westwood, which you will know is one of my favourite designers if you’ve read this interview)

I love the coat because again it is simple, but it has a very unusual, yet discrete collar, that wraps around the torso. (Makes me wonder how you put it on..)  The double buckled belt is also a nice touch.

The thing I like the most about the last outfit is the combination of a very soft, sheer, lacy fabric with the thick, wide leather holding it together around the neck and shoulders. I’m always attracted to unusual or unexpected combinations of materials and styles, and this dress does that beautifully. The colour in the folds of the lace just brings it all together in such a harmonious way. Again, the silhouette is simple, but details, in this case choice of material makes all the difference!

All images are taken from elle.com, you can check out Michael Kors full collection here.