Tenerife DeMODA, Santa Cruz

On Friday I went to a fashion show made by first and second year fashion students  at “Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Fernando Estévez” in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. The show was a part of the event “DeMODA” that was happening in the city that day. The venue was great, right by a plaza (la plaza del Príncipe) in the middle of the city. Having it in a public place seemed like a good way to get a bigger audience, and I bet it also makes it easier to get sponsorship as they know their advertisement will reach a wider audience as well. 

They showed three collections:  

As someone who studietextile design as well as fashion design I did miss a bit of colour and print in the collections. According to my sister in law who is an art student in Tenerife it is hard to get good fabrics on the island, and prints in particular are hard to come by and are also very expensive.

My favourite collection of the three was the one inspired by Bauhaus. It had many interesting ideas and I liked the structural aspects of a lot of the pieces. I was also very impressed with the hair of the models, which was done by Ulysses. I am impressed that they managed to get them to do that! At times I felt like it was a bit overdone though, so it took the attention away from the clothes.

All three collections looked very well constructed, and they were also quite cohesive considering the garments in the first two collection were all made by different students.

Thanks for a great show!