From the University of Portsmouth stand at New Designers, London 2012

This is some of the work my classmates did, I think they did a really good job! I liked their work, and I also think they displayed it really well. It wasn’t all just hanging flat, but shelves, hanging mannequins and so forth made it all stand out, literally :P, and make a greater impact! Well done to all of you! 

I don’t have pictures of everyone’s work, but here’s a list of the ones participating and their web pages or blogs so you can check out more of their work and/or contact them 🙂

Amy Gray
Emma Green
Georgia Salvage
Hannah Clements
Lauren Bennett
Nazmeen Ullah
Phoebe Quare
Rachel Rooke
Sophie Acheson
Stephanie De Gois
Vanessa Wiggins
Vicki Lamberton