“Tigerprint” design all the cards and stationary for Marks & Spencers, and they are offering 500£ and a 3 month paid work placement to the winner! (Plus many more opportunities for freelance work, commissions and placements).

I installed my recently purchased student/teacher edition of Photoshop and Illustrator (wohoo!) and dived in to it with an open mind and nothing to lose! No matter what happens in the contest I still needed to freshen up my creative skills before I start uni again in September.

The image here is the last design I made, that I finished yesterday a few hours before the deadline. The contest had one theme for every day for the whole month of July. The theme for this entry was… “space”.

I’ll be posting my other entries for a range of themes in the next few days. I hope you like them! I definitely had a great time working on them! 😀

(the background image used here is an open domain image from NASA)