The second task on this episode is the one I was the most nervous about since I usually spend a lot of time planning and contemplating on my designs and projects. I like leaving a project for a while, then go back to it and look at it with a fresh point of view, make some changes and so forth. Having to sew quickly AND be creative quickly seemed like quite a daunting task.

I probably did spend too much time thinking on the top I made, and it did have a bad finish, but I wanted to make something that was not a skirt… I have watched the show enough to know that when they ask for a completely new piece of clothing made out of a dress, turning that dress into a skirt simply won’t cut it.

The way I worked with this was that I pinned fabric onto the bust inside out which allowed me to pin the seams into place on the bust and then take it off and sew it right away.

My top didn’t have a great finish, but I still got third place because I used the material in a completely different way than how it was originally, and very little of the actual construction of the dress was there in the (un)finished product.
One of my main problems with finish was using bias tape from a roll. It was really stiff and just didn’t work well with my soft fabric. It would have been much better if I could have made my own bias tape, or maybe even just done a rolled hem on the overlocker..

Symesterskapet 2015