symesterskapet kult å sy giveaway

I’m so happy that you want to participate in my giveaway of the book “Kult å sy!” by Grete Gulliksen Moe. I’ve noticed a lot of people are getting interested in sewing after watching Symesterskapet, but don’t know where to start, ig that’s you or you know someone who wants to learn about sewing then this is a great book for you 🙂 It’s mostly for beginners, but will of course give inspiration to more experienced sewers as well!  Special thanks to Hobbyklubben for sponsoring this giveaway.

(Fun Fact: I wouldn’t be in Symesterskapet if it wasn’t for Hobbyklubben. I didn’t even know about the show until they started selling the book with patterns from the previous season. Life can be random like that!)

The rules are simple:

Step one: Visit my blog and look around though my posts(I have no way to check if you have done this, but I totally trust you!)

Step two: Like my facebook page Eva HK

Step three: Comment on the facebook post about the contest

Bonus step: For an extra chance to win follow me on instagram and comment on the contest image!

The small print (here presented in convenient regular size print):

This giveaway is only open to scandinavia I’m afraid! So if you live in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland or Iceland make sure you participate! (The book is in Norwegian!)

You need to both comment on the post and like the page in order to participate, yes I will check! 😉

The winner will be selected at random, so may the odds be ever in your favour.

Multiple entries do not count (but you do get an extra chance by following me on instagram!)