When I found out we had to make a men’s shirt for “Symesterskapet” I panicked a bit, because I had never done that! (or a woman’s shirt!) With plaquets, collars and cuffs it’s quite complicated if you haven’t done it before, so I decided that I had to make a practice one first. My husband was of course really happy that I had to make men’s wear for once!
I searched for shirt patterns online for hours, but never found one that my husband or I liked, so in the end I ended up tracing one of his shirts, and just adjusting the pattern a bit for a better fit. It took me about 8 hours to sew it (excluding making the pattern, re-cutting the collar and a lot of time spent watching tutorials online, plus I didn’t put buttons in it until later). My husband got the shirt for his 30’th birthday in April, and wore it for the first time last Sunday.

He let me take some pictures but made me promise to say that he felt really weird and awkward taking them. The best pictures were the ones where he “pretended” to be a model in a joking way, so those are the ones you see here 😛

The fabric is from Liberty’s 🙂

custom shirt Liberty's

custom shirt man with beard

liberty fabric shirt

button stand flower and animal fabric

collar and denim tie

custom made shirt


long sleeves sewn men's shirt