It was Lucas Birthday in February and we had two birthday parties, one with family (which includes 10 other children under 10) and one with friends from kindergardens, past and present.

Lucas wanted an “avengers cake” and a chocolate and strawberry cake. He didn’t really care about the flavours, but wanted strawberries on top, and when I showed him some pictures of chocolate covered strawberries on cakes on my phone that was it, that’s what he wanted. I decided to make a chocolate mousse cake since chocolate cakes sometimes are too dry, and found a recipe online. For this cake I did so many things I’ve never done before! I did the chocolate covered strawberries, made chocolate mousse from scratch (which took a while and a lot of dishes, but it tasted sooooo great! I’ll definitely make more chocolate mousse in the future… ). I also made an edge of white chocolate around the cake, by spreading the melted chocolate on a baking paper and leaving it dy harden, and then put it on the cake before it was completely hard. I had seen something like that on a video in my newsfeed a while ago and figured I could give it a try! I also had leftover dark chocolate so I spread that on baking paper as well and used fondant cutters to cut out letters, which I had never done before either. I bought the cutters in Jernia the day before, while buying fondant colouring for the avengers cake.

The cake ended up looking great and tasted even better! When I use a new recipe or try new things like this with food it usually doesn’t go to well on the first attempt, but this time I surprised myself 🙂

Here’s a link to the recipe! I definitely recommend trying it out!

Strawberry chocolate mousse cake

4 year old blowing out candles

chocolate mousse cake


For the other part I wanted to make an avengers cake, but that would be too complicated with the other party the same weekend, and a newborn, so we went for a Captain America shield cake. I ordered some Avengers figurines from China to put on top, but unfortunately they didn`t get here on time. It was my first time using fondant, so that was a nice experiment, and although I’m not perfectly happy with it it turned out quite well and I’ll definitely try to use fondant again in the future. It was definitely easier than marsipan, and I could get colours that were a lot stronger than I could have with marsipan. I made the fondant using marshmallows, and there are plenty of recipes for that online. This cake was a “bløtkake” as we call it in Norway, or Cream Cake. The recipe has been handed down from my grandmother and is actually quite simple, but gives a very airy, yet moist cake. I filled it with whipped cream and home made strawberry jam (made from frozen strawberries)

avengers captain america cake

captain america boy blowing candles cake







Whip eggs and sugar together for a really really long time, the longer the better until very light and airy

Mix in the remaining ingredients carefully with a spatula.
Pour into a round pan and cook for 35 min in the middle of the oven at 175 degrees celcius.

WHen done leave to cool, then take out of the pan and leave to cool completely. The cake should be tall enough that you can divide it into three equal parts and fill it with what you wish. It’s often good to let it sit with the filling for half a day or more as it helps the juices from the jam or other filling soak into the cake 🙂

If you try any of these recipes out, please let me know what you think!
I’d also love to hear what your favourite birthday cake recipes are, if you have any 🙂

Have a nice day!