It all started when my husband said he wanted a sweater like a “Marius sweater”, but not a Marius sweater, for Christmas 2015. I didn’t get him one, as they are quite expensive, and if you get one that is not the original it’s hard to find one that looks good… so I got him other things instead..

After having been a member of a knitting group on facebook for a while I saw all these people knitting so many amasing things, and not just small baby clothes, but also one large sweater after another. After a while I thought to myself that I can do that too! I have knitted before, not much but a few hats, a couple of sweaters with really thick yarn and massive needles when I was a teenager, and a baby dress and baby sweater for my niece and newphew. I have never made anything with a pattern with several colours though… and no projects this big with yarn and knitting needles that are this thin.

I found a model I wanted to make for my husband, this one, and Ithought I would get it in some nice colours and possibly alter the pattern a bit, or add a third colour, but not in the normal place on shoulders and sleeve insert. I didn’t want to start knitting it only to find out I couldn’t manage the pattern though, so I decided to buy the pattern and buy some yarn and make a pillow first, because I would be able to make a pillow without a recipe! I started knitting the pillow.

A little while later I was in my mothers house and started looking through an old sewing table from my grandmother, and lo and behold, there was a small pamphlet with a recipe for the Marius sweater for childen, sizes 2, 4 and 6 years old! I realised I probably had enough yarn to make one, so I decided that making the pillow would be lame, and undid what I had done and started over, this time on a sweater for my 4 year old son!

I’ve mostly knitted this sweater while breastfeeding our 4 month old, but also while watching TV in the evenings (often while breastfeeding), on the subway, and a little bit while waiting in drs offices or similar, and a bit out in nature when going for walks (during breaks). It took me maybe 4 weeks to make this, which is not bad for being me. I tend to start knitting (or crochet) projects and never finish them…

I did some mistakes here and there, and when I was aaaaaaalmost done joining the body and sleeves I noticed I had forgotten the “dotted” line accross the top by the neck and shoulders on the front part, as well as on the sleeves, so I had to take it all apart again and re-do those last bits, but on Friday I finally finished it! It’s not super even, and the pattern on the right sleeve in particular is too tight, and it’s unfortunately a bit short… but I am super happy with it and excited to take on more knitting projects! 🙂


mariusgenser l;vetann


sandnes garn strikkegenser barn

strikkegenser gutt norge


oslo sognsvann hjemmestrikk marius

barnestrikk marius gutt