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Eva Heistø Kittelsen

I’m Eva from Norway, I’m married, with two adorable sons. I graduated from the University of Portsmouth in England with a 1st class Honours in Fashion and Textile Design in July 2013, and in August the same year I started working as a trainee within product development and buying for the store/brand WOW in Norway, I quickly moved on to work as an assistant product developer at Bik Bok as well as WOW and I loved working with prints, design and fabric!

In 2015 I participated in “Det Store Symesterskapet” or “The great Norwegian Sewing Bee”, and I absolutely loved it! I made it all the way to the finals and had a great time!

After my second son was born (2016) I decided, on my extended maternity leave, to quit my job which was far away and had little of the flexibility I wanted for my family. I am currently working as Product Manager for the company Fair & Square  which is an ethical clothing company taking responsibility for the working conditions of the people producing our clothes. We own our own factory in China and can therefore guarantee good pay, benefits and decent working hours (37.5 hours/week).

I am also teaching a bit on the side, both pattern construction, knitting, and redesign and doing presentations about re-design and visible mending, as well as about the many issues, both environmental and ethical, there are in the fashion industry and what people like me and Fair & Square and others are doing about it.

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Phone: 48345233